Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Been Way To Long

So I thought I would just update everyone since its been wow already alone time since I have blogged. Honestly I am hoping I will be on top of it now as I have a new computer!

For a quick update:
Cooper will be 3 in 4 months which is crazy. He is changing all the time and especially these past few months. That boy never ever stops talking. I have no idea where he got that from ;) He loves to tell us everything he sees while in the car and ask us a million questions. My favorite saying right now of his is "mommy we be funny" and then he laughs real loud.  The other thing Ryan and I have loved watching is how he is becoming such a great Big Brother. He loves to make noises at Jack and started to play with him on the floor a lot as well as if Jack is crying Cooper comes running and says "its okay baby jack I'm here" def melts this momma's heart. Something we are trying to work on with Cooper is sharing (very difficult) another big accomplishment is potty training. Its been a pretty challenging experience but at the same time rewarding cause were not having to buy diapers. He has been pretty good about it but sometimes he doesnt want to stop playing. Currently he is loving anything CARS- Mater is his favorite, loves matchbox cars, reading- especially his Cooper bear book, playing with his trains, coloring, loves watching sports on tv, and currently loves kicking the soccer ball.

Jack just turned 7 months and boy has time gone by way to fast. I cannot even imagine our lives without him as we seriously brightens me day. That boy has stolen my heart and man does he have the cutests smile. We started solids with him earlier since he wasnt gaining as much weight. Mainly cause this little guy never stops moving. He is loving food, napping great and currently is sort of crawling. He started moving forward the day before thanksgiving. He has been sitting up pretty good for about a month or so and is so proud of himself. Jack adores his brother. He watches Cooper as he runs by and loves when he will play with him. as of lately he has been chewing on anything he can put into his mouth. we are looking forward to him getting more mobile so him and Cooper will be able to play.

As for Ryan and myself we are staying busy with these two little boys. I am still working part time at Glassybaby and doing events/weddings. Ryan is currently still looking for a job and we are praying for the right timing of it all. We will continue to just enjoy this time together with daddy home as I know the boys love having him here. we are excited for this holiday season and to be able to share it with our family and friends. Mainly we are looking forward to seeing Cooper experience it all.

I put together a few of our favorite pictures not in order of the boys and promise to keep this updated now.

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Grant, Amy, and Caleb said...

Thanks for the updates!!! You family is darling! :)